I am a Senior Researcher at Microsoft Research AI (MSR AI), primarily working on Natural Language Generation (NLG), Deep Generative Models (DGMs), Generative Pre-training and Text Representation learning. I received Ph.D. degree and M.S. degree (Statistical Science) from Duke University in 2018, advised by Professor Lawrence Carin. Before that, I received B.Sc. degree in Physics from Nanjin University, Department for Intensive Instruction (DII), Kuang Yaming Honors school in 2011.

I have served as one of the organization committee members in ACL (2020). I am an area chair (AC) for ACL (2021) and NeurIPS (2021). I have served as a senior program committee (SPC) for AAAI (2019-2021). I received NeurIPS top reviewer awards (2019).

Please send me an email with your latest CV if you are a senior PhD student working on natural language generation and looking for an internship

My recent research focuses on below topics:

  • Efficient transformer

  • Non-autoregressive text generation.

  • Adversarial attacking for NLP.

  • Controllable text generation.

  • Toxicity detection and prevention for NLG.

  • Long-form text understanding/generation/reasoning.